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The Ubiquitous Song Sparrow

Song Sparrow

By: Pat Coate

The number of song sparrows reported in the area is increasing as the southward migration picks up and the days are starting to grow noticeably shorter. The song sparrow is a common bird throughout the United States, though there are some color and size variations by region. The photos shown here depict the eastern form and were taken this past April.


Birch Run Ponds


By: Pat Coate

Stopped by the Birch Run ponds to see if the osprey were back. A pair were back and seemed to be settling in to the nest. The short trip netted close to 25 species, including the song sparrow and juvenile red-tailed hawk pictured.

Hocus Crocus – Has Spring Really Sprung?

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Crocus are in bloom

By: Pat Coate

Or are the blooms just a teasing illusion…….

The birds give us hope as they seem to think spring is arriving: