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The Ubiquitous Song Sparrow

Song Sparrow

By: Pat Coate

The number of song sparrows reported in the area is increasing as the southward migration picks up and the days are starting to grow noticeably shorter. The song sparrow is a common bird throughout the United States, though there are some color and size variations by region. The photos shown here depict the eastern form and were taken this past April.

Singing in the spring

Changes in length of day also spur the northern migration as well as breeding time. Male song sparrows are vociferous singers and sing to both attract mates and defend their territory.

Song Sparrow

Notable field marks are heavy streaking on the upper chest often accompanied by a spot in the middle. The head is gray with brown striping and the song sparrow’s tail is longer than many other sparrows.

Song Sparrow

Though their diet is largely seeds and fruit, song sparrows are not opposed to the odd invertebrate (beetles, spiders, worms, and such) now and then.

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  1. kaholly

    They like fruit jam, too!!

    5 September 2013 at 5:09 am

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