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Young Ones Part 2

Adult Grackle feeding its youngster (early summer)

By: Pat Coate

We are continuing to get lots of families and first year birds visiting or passing through our backyard. The more typical visitors have been purple and house finches, rose-breasted grosbeak, cardinals, starlings, grackles, mourning doves, and ruby-throated hummingbirds. The most exciting visitors were ravens – we’ve had loud begging young crows before but the ravens were a first.

Female rose-breasted grosbeak

Female rose-breasted grosbeak

Wild turkey with her brood

This turkey and her brood are often seen in a field with another turkey and her brood of eight. So far the survival rate has been surprisingly high for this group. Studies that I have read about had survival rates of only 27% to 44% for the first two weeks of life.

Close up of grackle fledgling

Wild turkey with poults

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