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Red Crossbill (LIFER)

Red Crossbills feeding on salt in the road.
3 Red Crossbill’s in the road.

Today while driving along the roads near Quaker Lake (Allegany State Park) . . . . I saw a some larger birds feeding on the salt in the road. I slowed the vehicle down and needed to take a closer look at these guys. I realized they were crossbill’s and quickly grabbed my binoculars (which I luckily had in the truck) to discover they were Red Crossbill’s (CHECK) 45 species for 2013. This wasn’t any ordinary check this was a LIFER CHECK!!!

Rufous vs Gray

From the Peterson Field Guide.

The Eastern Screech Owl is a species that have two distinct morphs and live within the same population (polymorphism). It is generally known that gray-morphed Screech Owls are more frequently found in the North and the rufous-morphed birds are mostly found in the South. Many publications will discuss this relationship with the rufous-morphed birds not being able to handle the colder winters and I know there are some studies are trying to prove that. I did find an interesting publication by Mosher and Henny (1976) who explains how the rufous-morphed Screech Owls oxygen uptake is greater than the gray-morphed birds when exposed to lower temperatures. I have also heard about the relationship with the different morphs and tree species that are found in the areas !! (more…)

Winter Berry

winter berry
Winter Berry

Jen did a wonderful Colors of Winter post, which encouraged me to get out and find some color before the snow started falling!  I did not find as much color as Jennifer did but I was happy to get out to find something!!

Take a drive through Allegany State Park

Sun and Leaves
Back Lighting

We are getting very close to the leaves being at peak here in Allegany State Park this weekend. Please enjoy yourself while I take you through the park looking at the fall leaves. (more…)