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I was surprised this week with a copy of the new “The Crossley ID Guide: Eastern Birds” sitting at my door step. I remember when Sibley came out with his new guide and everyone thought “it’s too big and it could never replace the Peterson’s guide”!! Instantly we find ourselves buying not one but multiple copies (one for the house, car, office, banding bag . . . etc.). Could the same thing happen with this guide?? My first impression of the Crossley ID Guide is WOW and I know for sure it will be used in my library but I have doubt it will replace Sibley or any of my iPhone apps. It is a “BIG” guide and probably why they are not calling it a Field Guide!! To the right birder, it is possible The Crossley ID Guide will be grabbed for help before the more traditional “painted” guides but it is defiantly a picture reference guide more than our traditional “Field Guides”.

Crossley ID Guide


Two Years of fLiCkR

Two Years of fLiCkR
fLiCkR blocks

Two years ago today . . . . I joined flickr and uploaded my first picture to their website. I never realized how sharing pictures would change my life and cost me as much money as it has (buying photography equipment). I have made SO MANY wonderful friends over these past two years and I have learned SO MUCH from everyone!! Ultimately, flickr had introduced me to other types of media (like becoming a blogger) and I am now able to share my words with my photography. (more…)