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Happy Dyngus Day!

Happy Dyngus Day

I am not polish but this is another one of my favorite holidays that falls on the Monday after Easter Sunday! This is a day where the lady hits the guy with Pussy Willows and the guy then squirts the lady with a water squirt gun (many different versions of the holiday and this is the version I know). This is also the time that if the man is too stubborn for asking the big questions that this is the day where the lady can ask (for example marriage, relationship, etc….). For more info on the tradition of Dyngus Day go to Dyngus Buffalo and a story by NPR.

Largest Bird in the World Discovered

Mon@rch News:

While listening to NPR radio yesterday, I learned that an Argentina teenager discovered a near complete skull and leg bone of the largest bird in the world. This skull places this newly found species in the phorusrhacid family which scientists are calling the “terror bird”.

It was published in the Journal “Nature” (volume 443, page 929) that this flightless bird was about 3 meters tall with its head about the size of horse.  This species had the speed of a grayhound dog. The Terror Bird survived about 60 millions years after the death of the dinosaurs.  It was one of the largest predators dominating the grasslands of South of America and survied up to about 2 millions years ago. For more info be sure to check out the following links:

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