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Wildlife Wednesday [Exciting Find]

I always seem to say “I had an amazing day yesterday” but this time I really had “an amazing day yesterday”!!! I was traveling through Allegany State Park and noticed an unusual dark fuzzy thing crossing the road (around 9am in the morning)! This mammal was something that very few have had an opportunity to see and for a second I couldn’t believe my eyes . . . could it have been?? Yes – it was!! ! I know they are in this area of the state and during the summer nights, I regularly hear them vocalizing around the house!! But, I couldn’t believe I was seeing one crossing the road!! Obviously I am still in an Awww!! I quickly started pulling my camera from my backpack and hoped to capture its picture. This furry thing moved so swiftly into the woods and by the time I had my camera ready to capture this moment . . . . the critter was gone! I was left with only a memory in my mind!! (more…)

Wild Turkey [Wildlife Wednesday]

Wild Turkeys
Wild Turkey in the corn field

I wanted to give the “Wildlife Wednesday” thing a try since Young Naturalist J started using it over on his blog. High five to his family for coming up with the great idea. Yesterday I located a huge flock of turkey along the side of the road while heading out to photograph the nesting Eagles. The Turkey were just clucking along and probably one of the largest flocks I have seen this year! Happy Wildlife Wednesday everyone!