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Wildlife Wednesday [Exciting Find]

I always seem to say “I had an amazing day yesterday” but this time I really had “an amazing day yesterday”!!! I was traveling through Allegany State Park and noticed an unusual dark fuzzy thing crossing the road (around 9am in the morning)! This mammal was something that very few have had an opportunity to see and for a second I couldn’t believe my eyes . . . could it have been?? Yes – it was!! ! I know they are in this area of the state and during the summer nights, I regularly hear them vocalizing around the house!! But, I couldn’t believe I was seeing one crossing the road!! Obviously I am still in an Awww!! I quickly started pulling my camera from my backpack and hoped to capture its picture. This furry thing moved so swiftly into the woods and by the time I had my camera ready to capture this moment . . . . the critter was gone! I was left with only a memory in my mind!!

Photo of a Fisher from Wikipedia

This mammal was just a little smaller than a coyote and a little larger than a fox. Its fur was very dark redish/brown and had a long fluffy tail. It moved quickly across the road with an unusual hop/run style, to only disappeared into the woods as quickly as it arrived. If you have not figured it out yet . . . this unusual creature was a Fisher (Martes pennanti). I am honored to share this amazing mammal with everyone on this Wildlife Wednesday! If you missed it from my excitement . . . . Fisher – (CHECK)

Once again, thanks to Young Naturalist J for the Wildlife Wednesday idea (his today post is on the Ruddy Turnstone). If you get the opportunity, be sure to visit his other post on “A Walk in the Creek“.

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37 responses

  1. Wonderful find! It would have of been great if you could of gotten a picture of it!

    19 March 2008 at 5:57 pm

  2. Tell me about it! I was so excited to see it but then also bumbed I didn’t get a picture! I really need to have my camera turned on and ready for every second of the day!

    19 March 2008 at 5:59 pm

  3. Wow, Tom! This *is* exciting! What? Your camera isn’t on at all times? LOL! 😀

    19 March 2008 at 6:12 pm

  4. That is such an amazing sighting. What a beautiful little creature to see. Even if you didn’t get a photograph, you did have a very satisfying eye-ful.

    19 March 2008 at 6:38 pm

  5. About 12 years ago I was sitting around a remote Sierra Nevada campsite with a couple Outward Bound instructors. We were puttering around with some gear waiting for the students to arrive. All of a sudden two animals dashed out of the woods and chased each other around the campground for a several minutes. They departed just as suddenly and we were left standing around staring at each other with questioning looks on our faces. It took a few minutes but we finally decided we had just been visited by a couple of Fishers.

    19 March 2008 at 6:48 pm

  6. Lisa at Greenbow

    You lucky dog. The closest I will get to seeing a Fisher is on your blog. WOW.

    19 March 2008 at 7:11 pm

  7. Tom

    Tom- Wow, very cool and awesome that you were able to get a picture of this creature. I’m not sure if we have these in Ohio! It really must be huge if it was fox size. Congrats on seeing a really cool mammal.


    19 March 2008 at 7:33 pm

  8. It was probly startled as you moved to get your camera.

    19 March 2008 at 7:45 pm

  9. Wow–I have not see one nor have I heard of anyone seeing one. That’s a big deal and a great find for you. Hope the animal is doing ok.

    19 March 2008 at 8:08 pm

  10. What a great find for you!

    For some reason, this reminded me of the great story of Perri and Porro, the pine squirrels. I know fishers aren’t the same as martens (the villans in this story), it still came to mind, as I think they are somewhat similar animals (?). We had the story on a record and loved to listen to it at bedtime =)

    Anyway, good for you!

    19 March 2008 at 8:13 pm

  11. You are so fortunate to see something like a Fisher. I like your Wildlife Wednesdays. Great idea, J!

    19 March 2008 at 9:26 pm

  12. We too saw a fisher while we were in Allegeny. We were driving back to our cabin at night and this short, but large, dark brown thing scampered across the road. When we looked it up in a nature guide there was no doubt about it, it was a fisher. I’m glad you are so excited about this.

    19 March 2008 at 9:26 pm

  13. @ Pam – you know me . . . I have one close but this time I wasn’t quick enough! Ugg, I could have had the perfect shot!
    @ Robin – thanks and the image will be in my mind forever!
    @ Scott- Thanks for the comment and how amazing to have experienced that!
    @ Lisa – thanks and wish everyone could have seen it! You never know if one might cross your path one day!
    @ Tom – thanks and you must have misunderstood, I didn’t get a picture of it! 😦
    @ Samuel – I think it was more startled by the vehicle that was moving towards it! But was amazing to see even though it was startled!
    @ Joan – we hear about people seeing them from time to time and I hope that one day to see one! Now I can say “I have seen one”!
    @ Rondi – thanks and they are in the same family! I will have to check out the story one of these days! Thanks
    @ Mary – thanks and he is a very creative kid! Hope you had a chance to visit his Wildlife Wednesday!
    @ Scienceguy – They are for sure in the area and at some point they do cross the road! They are probably my all time fave mammal at this point! Thanks

    19 March 2008 at 9:56 pm

  14. That would be incredible to see one cross the road. I did see one crossing Oil Creek and run up the bank a few years ago. There was a report that one took down a small newborn deer at Oil Creek. I think someone had pictures and gave it to the rangers. I don’t know if they determined it really happened or not.

    19 March 2008 at 11:21 pm

  15. Mel

    How great! That’s an amazing finding!!!

    20 March 2008 at 12:08 am

  16. NatureShutterbug

    Lucky sighting … bad luck on the camera. Possibly you should wear your camera round your neck – or attached to one of those bino holders – all the time. Neat story, thanks for sharing on the Wildlife Wednesday.

    20 March 2008 at 12:09 am

  17. How amazingly cool! Jealous meter is pegged! 🙂

    20 March 2008 at 1:01 am

  18. Woohoo! Lucky you! (I’d be excited too.)

    20 March 2008 at 3:58 am

  19. pwrbrdr

    Great, I have only seen 3 in my life, luckily, one was with about a dozen Ornithology students at Timberdoodle Flats in the ANF.

    Again, wonderful!

    20 March 2008 at 5:51 am

  20. Wow. I’ll have to admit I’ve never even heard of one before now. That’s a pretty large dude! Lucky you!

    20 March 2008 at 6:47 am

  21. @ Linda – It was and congrats on seeing one up in Oil Creek! Thanks
    @ Mel – thanks and it sure was!
    @ NatureShutterbug – Tell me about it! I normally have it out but the weather was iffy, cloudy and never expected a Fisher! Next time I will be ready!
    @ Liza – thanks and wish you could have seen it with me!
    @ Marvin – thanks!
    @ John – I do hear them on a regular basis in the back yard but seeing one during daylight hours is a different story! It was a photographic opportunity!! This summer I will have to try and record their call!
    @ Jayne – thanks and they were much larger than I expected them to be! Looked like a Raccoon’s Bigfoot!

    20 March 2008 at 10:49 am

  22. I’m big-time jealous – that certainly IS a very cool find. I didn’t realize that they still existed in the east – maybe Michigan and Wisconsin, but not PA/NY area. I love finding out that things aren’t as extirpated as I had believed!

    20 March 2008 at 11:31 am

  23. Ok. I’ve never even heard of a fisher before. And with all the animal encyclopedias floating around our house, I should have.

    Each outing into nature can bring us an exciting memory, can’t it!

    20 March 2008 at 1:20 pm

  24. Congratulations! I can feel your excitement right through your words. 🙂

    20 March 2008 at 1:49 pm

  25. I was walking through my local woods the other day and thinking it was rather dull as I had seen no wildlife at all. I heard a cracking twig to my side and turned to see 2 large adult deer and 2 young leapt over the path (no more 4 feet away) and vanished into the trees. Too quick to raise my camera and nothing but a wonderful memory…. but what a moment to remember, magical.

    20 March 2008 at 3:57 pm

  26. From what I’ve read…the Fisher has recently made a comeback in Pennsylvania. I hear they are quite fierce fighters. Very neat thing to see! I could feel your excitement!

    20 March 2008 at 7:01 pm

  27. I can well imagine your excitement. It sure pays to keep your eyes open AND it sure helps if you know your critters :0)

    20 March 2008 at 7:53 pm

  28. Marg

    How cool to see a fisher-I’m suppose to be getting to Algonquin Park to see one-but the trip keeps getting delayed! grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    20 March 2008 at 8:14 pm

  29. How cool for you, Mon@rch! I have never seen a Fisher, but my mammal field guide says they also live in Northern Minnesota, so maybe some day I might get to see one too.

    20 March 2008 at 9:34 pm

  30. I didn’t know fishers were so big! Bigger than a fox? Holy cow.

    20 March 2008 at 11:41 pm

  31. WOW! I didn’t even know what a Fisher was until today! Great find and I bet it felt great!

    20 March 2008 at 11:47 pm

  32. @ Marty- thanks and I am not sure if these guys were ever extirpated 100%! But with our larger track of forest in the area . . . this makes a perfect home for them!
    @ Sherry – they are not normally found and specialize in flipping porcupines over and eating them from the underside! I so agree that with everyone’s outing brings in nature! That’s why we shouldn’t sit in the house all day!!
    @ Lana – thanks and was very exciting to find!
    @ Chris – Sounds like an amazing moment and only once before many moons ago had them running towards me like that! But nothing like what you experienced! I wonder if they were being chased by a predator??
    @ Barb – They sure have and I live not far from the PA Boarder/National Forest! Thanks
    @ Cathy- Sometimes nature surprise us and why could hate nature for their surprises? Speaking of which . . . I need to get out and enjoy some nature!
    @ Marg – exactly . . . and hope you are able to get out and find it! They are very neat!
    @ Ruthie- Thanks and I hope you do find one crossing the road like I saw it! They are very neat for sure!
    @ Susan – Ya, this guy/gal was huge! Thanks
    @ Chicago – Its all about learning, Thanks!

    21 March 2008 at 10:32 am

  33. How neat that you actually got to see one of these critters! By the way, I’ve had similar experiences of coming across something incredible and no camera. Well, at least you got to see it.

    21 March 2008 at 6:05 pm

  34. Just curious (question for the bio expert?) are they related to pine martins? (Look similar…and are in our area.) I’ve never seen this guy (sounds like I’m not the only one… I’d love too!!!) Very cool sighting Tom!

    22 March 2008 at 12:28 pm

  35. @ Bobbie – thanks and it was very thrilling! I did have my camera, just packed away! Ugg
    @ aullori – they are related to pine martins, although I think Pine Martins are smaller in size. Thanks

    22 March 2008 at 6:35 pm

  36. Awesome find, Tom! I have friends that got photos from a night camera close to my home, but haven’t seen any myself yet. From what I understand in PA, they were reintroduced to cut the population of the porcupine.

    30 March 2008 at 10:17 am

  37. lvn600

    Congratulations on the Fisher!-I have only seen 2 in my life.-very interesting animal.

    3 April 2008 at 9:12 pm

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