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Happy Christopher Columbus Day

Phoebe lying Around

Holiday’s are for lying around and that is exactly what I did. I took “2” naps today and they were very much needed after being skunked once again last night (with Saw-whet Owls)!! My first bird will arrive one of these days and just maybe it will happen “tonight”?? Although, it is good to know that another fellow Western New Yorker that lives about an hour (North) from here also hasn’t caught anything (well as of this weekend)! (more…)

Just fallen asleep and . . . .

Holiday Inn
My wonderful hotel stay at 11pm in the evening!

. . . . the Holiday Inn has the fire alarms go off.    Hello Mr. Manager . . . . “this is a Birding Conference . . . . we birders wake up extra early in the morning to look for the birds!” Now I am too awake to fall back to sleep, so as you can see I am helping promote the wonderful things you will find when visiting a Holiday Inn around 11pm at night. Please make this your first choice of a hotel to stay at because your safety is our number one priority! Did I mention that it was only a false alarm and couldn’t turn the alarms off till the fire trucks arrive?  They sure know how to do wake up calls to the whole building! (more…)


You are my valentine ...

Button Nose

button nose!

I am doing everything today but my laundry, dishes and vacuuming. But I will have to get it all done sometime tonight (so doing my post now).

problems with my furnace

Some reason I needed to turn up my furnace because of colder temperatures this evening….

No wonder I have ...

…..or could it be because Phoebe is blocking the floor vent??

Marine Toys for Tots

Every year the staff of Allegany State Park collect unwrapped toys for the Marines Toys for Tots Foundation.  Today the Marines arrived to pick up all these wonderful toys to be distributed to many needy children in the local community.

Toys For Tots

The Toys for Tots Foundation was started by a Colonel William L. Hendricks in 1947 after his wife tried to donate a toy she had made. Unable to find any local organizations, they started their own foundation and collected 5000 toys that year. It was such a huge success that they went nation wide and over the years distributed more than 351 million toys to nearly 166 needy children. To hear more about the history behind this foundation, please visit their website at .

We always try to remind everyone who donates toys that it isn’t just little children who are needy. It is also the older children who are easily over looked and could use some items like makeup, basketballs, or even card games. If you have not donated any toys yet, please try to find a drop off locations near you. If not, try to schedule your office to start collecting toys for next year!

Road Trips

I will let the pictures speak for themselves:

speed limit is 35 miles per hour


Foggy morning


14 miles of construction