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American Impressionism

Upstream B Falls
Bridal Falls by Todd Plough

This weekend I have been helping (artist) Todd Plough with revising his personal web page and it is amazing how a specific objects are able to inspire people in different ways. When I was looking over his paintings jpg’s . . . . I found these two specific paintings that looked extremely familiar to me!! Sure enough they were of one of my favorite places to visit . . . . !

Bullfrog Studio

Staying Warm
Tree Swallows staying warm.

Most everyone will remember the above photo from this springs (Tree Swallow Acting Cute) post that I did. Sherri from London Ontario also saw this post and contacted me about using the picture for a painting she was creating. I was so honored that I inspired someone . . . . I said “YES YES YES, PLEASE!!” A few weeks later I received an email with a photo stating that she had finished the painting. I was soo happy that I told her whenever she had a webpage developed . . . . to PLEASE let me know so that I could help her promote it! This weekend she surprised me with a huge package from Canada that had a beautiful print of that Tree Swallow Painting! (more…)