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CAHI Station

Brown Thrasher

Brown Thrasher up close

The Brown Thrasher is one of the birds that we banded yesterday. Actually we captured a male and female (I think these photos were of the female). I had planned on doing this long description on the Brown Thrasher for the blog but I am feeling lazy today. Sorry! (more…)

Bird “Parts”

I am soo going to regret posting this because I am just going to get all kinds of sp@m from the verbiage that I am using! Today I visited Sharon’s “California Hill” MAPS banding station which is located about 45 minutes north of my house. Sharon has been helping me band birds at my stations for just about as long as I have been banding birds. It is nice that on my off days that I am able to assist her with her banding station. Today I was able to capture a few great bird photos but I will be posting them at a different time (maybe a birdQUIZ??)! I want to focus on today’s post with something unusual that we found on one of the birds. Before I get into that find, lets first talk about a few of the bird parts that us banders need to look at while banding!

blowing away the feathers (more…)