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Ravens 1

e2012-09-14 039
Raven in silhouette

By: Pat Coate

While in Ontario a group of ravens were usually hanging out nearby and when the winds were right they put on quite a show right above me.

Most of the photos are silhouettes. This one here shows a couple of the key field marks of ravens (versus crows): deep, slim “fingers” at the tips of the wings and the wedge-shaped tail.

Eravens 121
In formation

Eravens 107
”Unkindness” of Ravens

A group of ravens is known as an unkindness. There were a total of 20 in the group I was able to observe. Though it is hard to see without zooming in, the raven on the bottom right in this photo is upside down. It was amazing to watch this group soar, play, and perform their acrobatics – they seemed to be having just a wonderful time. I will post pictures of some of their antics in the sky next week.

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