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Tree Swallows and Cold Weather

The Tree Swallows are doing what they can with these cold temperatures. As I see snow flurries in the air the Swallows are gathering around the generator looking for some escaping heat. I really need to clean out the bird boxes and I hope we don’t find dead ones in there. What happens is they pile up into a box and the ones on the bottom get squished from the ones on top. I have found up to 9 dead tree swallows in a box. Hard times for these blue and white friends . . . . lets hope for warmer temperatures for them! (If you look hard at this photo you can see N. Rough Winged Swallows and a Barn Swallow).

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One response

  1. I think I’ve found them–both on the right?

    22 April 2011 at 6:40 pm

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