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Hocus Crocus – Has Spring Really Sprung?

e20110320 324
Crocus are in bloom

By: Pat Coate

Or are the blooms just a teasing illusion…….

The birds give us hope as they seem to think spring is arriving:

• The robins are out in force.
• Cardinal song greets me each morning.
• Large flocks of geese and swans are moving through.
• The grackles are doing their best to inspire the next Hitchcock.
• The mourning doves have got their little head bobbing and preening thing going.
• Song sparrows are starting to sing their hearts out.

But, alas, we now have a newly fallen 7 inches of snow………

e20110320 327
Song Sparrow living up to his name

ep032010_ 019
Lots of Canada Geese have been passing through

American Robin (male)

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One response

  1. The snow is just a tease, designed my Mother Nature to keep you on your toes! There’s no stopping spring now! Lovely photos. ~karen

    24 March 2011 at 11:41 am

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