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Indigo Bunting

En052010 037

Indigo Bunting (male)

By: Pat Coate

On our way back from our son’s graduation from Lafayette College, my husband was kind enough to make a slight detour so I could bike a converted rail trail off of Route 287 near Wellsboro, PA (close to the ‘Grand Canyon of PA’). It is a terrific trail that passes through some state forest, farmlands, and marshy areas providing diverse habitat and nice wildlife/bird viewing opportunities. The weather was not as cooperative as my husband, so it was going to take a special bird for me to get my camera out.

En052010 034

Indigo Bunting

The field guide says that the Indigo Bunting is a common bird, but I sure don’t see them very often and was quite happy to come across this one. It was a bit camera shy and I ended up several hundred yards from my bike as I followed it trying to get a decent picture (with modest success). I definitely hope to head back this way again and spend more time on the trail. 

PS Any one hiring new chemical engineers?  My son is just starting his job search (graduated with honors).

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One response

  1. Congratulations! You must be so very proud of your son, and rightly so. This bird is so blue it doesn’t even look real. You must have had to catch your breath when you came upon this beauty! Imagine seeing it with a cardinal? Oh my, that would be something. ~karen

    7 June 2010 at 5:58 am

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