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Buffalo Mid October Snowstorm


Blustery photo was taken by who is a WNY photographer.  Please take some time to go visit his photostream.   You can see the Nexrad Radar shows heavy lake effect is still dumping a ton of snow over Buffalo.  I am going to assume that the National Weather Service lost power and resulted in the radar being down. This storm has been located in the same location for the past day and is very not typical for this time of the year.   

13 oct 2006 nexrad

There is a wonderful discussion on the snowstorm (Blizzard of ’06) on flickr on damage done on members property. It has been snowing over the city of Buffalo since late Thursday night and this is all the TV news channels have been able to talk about. This heavy snow has dropped around 30 inches of snow through out many locations in Buffalo and the melting will become an additional problem.  The news has reported that this storms has very strong winds and mixed snow lightning which has crippled the city with about 200,000 households without power.  Everyone is saying that it almost looks like “a bomb has hit the city”.

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