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Fledged the Nest

An Ovenbird photo from 2006

It was only a matter of time till one of the Young Naturalist team members would fledge the nest and started their own Nature Blog!! The first to fledge was Young Naturalist J who is now doing “The Ovenbird”!!! Last summer I started getting him involved with this site and we have been working on learning code, ect… Then after I was falling behind with my birdQUIZ blog. . . . he decided to help out and get the blog back on track (which he did). With the excitement of many of our birds returning this summer and with him getting his new camera for Christmas . . . he was ready to start sharing “his” nature adventures with everyone!

So go check out “The Ovenbird”!

He is also a member of the Nature Blog Network and could use your views! (more…)