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Technology Changing Our Lives!

What are computers doing to us and has it changed our lives? As technology change . . . . we find our lives evolving into a world where it is almost impossible to live without a computer. We are now paying all our bills online, ordering movies online (netflix) and our primary way of communicating with friends is online (hello . . . I am a blogger). Ten years ago, I would have never thought “this” is what our world would be like that we lived in! This morning I saw a post from Tonia on insomnia and for some reason her post has been on my mind all day long (which has involved into this post). Before computers took over my life. . . I never had any problems sleeping and I was always awake before the birds started singing! I find it harder and harder each day trying to fall asleep, which has resulted in the desire to sleep longer! Do I have insomnia or is it my many hours of being on the computer just screwing with my brain??

a flickr mobile Self-portrait
That’s me checking flickr through my phone!