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Green Herons

Green Herons (2) in willow tree – can you see them?

By: Pat Coate

While visiting my father-in-law in Virginia we saw a family of green herons in the willow tree near his pond. The sequence of three pictures shown here move from distant to close-ups. The close-up photos are of an immature green heron, identified as such by the streaking on its neck.


Conesus Inlet

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Red-headed Woodpecker

By: Pat Coate

On my way home from a work trip to Rochester I stopped by Conesus Inlet to see if I could find the Red-headed Woodpeckers that were reported there over the weekend. I was lucky enough to get a couple of brief sightings and a couple pictures for ID. This is a new bird for me and it was quite striking.

Mid April Arrivals

Green Back Heron
Green Heron

My morning started with me flushing a Green Heron (CHECK) off from a beaver pond in France Brook as it flew up into a dead snag! I had thought for a second it could have been a Bittern but was only a Green Heron!