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Eastern Towhee

e20110501 004
Eastern Towhee (male)

By: Pat Coate

What a beautiful spring weekend we had! I enjoyed some hiking and birding at Pfeiffer Nature Center and got a nice look at this beautiful male Eastern Towhee. These birds are normally scurrying about deep in the brush and I rarely get more than a fleeting glimpse of them. This fellow, however, was most accommodating, staying in plain view for several minutes and repeatedly giving a very clear ‘towhee’ call.

He may have tired of me watching him as evidenced in the next picture.


Birdie Blog

E2p05012010 009

Me, Tina (birdie), Vicki

(front row) Trish, Brenda, Tammy (birdie)

By: Pat Coate

I had the good fortune to spend May13-16th in Pinehurst, NC with some  very good friends on an awesome golf getaway weekend. I promised anyone scoring a birdie (one under par) a place on the ‘birdie’ blog. Well, between us we played 23 rounds of golf and managed two birdies – kudos to Tammy and Tina. The other type of birdies were in much more abundance…