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Click, click, click. . . !

Belted Kingfisher
Belted Kingfisher with the new Nikon D300

I got my new camera (Nikon D300) in the mail today and although it is the same . . . it is also very different from my older camera. The biggest difference is that I can’t edit my raw files with Photoshop CS2!! Grrrrr!!! I haven’t figured the raw editor that is offered from Nikon but from what I have seen online, it isn’t anything like Photoshop (big disappointment). I can’t update the editor plugin because Adobe doesn’t support CS2 anymore!!  Uggg!!  I am also having the same problems with my 400mm lens as I was having with the D70s!! I had hoped those problems would disappear with a new body (but it didn’t). Probably should have gotten a new lens before a new camera body!! O, well . . . with that said I absolutely LOVE the Nikon D300!!