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Addicted to Spring

duck specks
Waterfowl and Gulls at Chautauqua Lake

I am addicted to this spring time sunshine and ended up with 7 first of the years birds to report this weekend! CHEERS! Patty has been showing me all of the hot spots around Chautauqua Lake and although we were not successful in relocating the Tundra Swan she had earlier in the day . . . . . we still had a great time together on the outlet!



The canvasback is a local migrant who breed mainly in western North American. They can be quite numerous in there wintering waters but inland where I am located . . . . they are not as common. As a result you can understand how pleased I was to see these guys on Lake Erie last Wednesday. They are typically very skittish but there were a few who let me get close before swimming away. (more…)