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First Bat of the Year

Big Brown Bat
Big Brown Bat

Temperatures have been in the 40’s°F over the past few days and I am sure that all critters have been enjoying the melting snow. Today I had a report from a friend that they saw their first Chipmunk and many others reported skunks being seen (or smelled) around their homes! I noticed that many of us humans have also been celebrating these wonderful signs of spring and that is exactly what happened with Adele, Young Naturalist C, Young Naturalist E and myself this evening! While dodging perfectly packed snowballs flying through the air . . . . . . . we looked up into the sky and Adele yelled “BAT”!! OMG . . . we only saw it for two passes but that was a Big Brown Bat flying around the lights! (CHECK) my first Big Brown Bat for 2009!