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Central Park

e2011-10-18 050
Bethesda Fountain

By: Pat Coate

A business trip took me to NYC this week so I ventured into Central Park for a couple hours one evening. What an amazing amount of people and activity – joggers, dog walkers, soccer games, tourists, serious bikers, rent-a-bikers, strollers, horse drawn buggies, roller bladers, jugglers, food carts. I learned they mean business about keeping bikes separate from walking/jogging trails as I was threatened with a $500 fine for parking my bike in the wrong spot when I took a picture.

Bird sightings were slim and ordinary but at least there was some bird life amidst all the human activity: robin, blue jay, house sparrow, starling, pigeon, mallard, Canada goose, white-throated sparrow, blue jay, gulls, flicker.