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A Couple Life Birds

Marsh Wren

By: Pat Coate

Picked up marsh wrens earlier this year down in Delaware. These are wetland birds that are partial to cattails and whose diet consists largely of insects. They vigorously defend their territory and will try to destroy the nests, eggs and nestlings of neighboring birds. This behavior is thought to reduce competition for food.


Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge [Day 1]

Chincoteague NWR

I arrived in Chincoteague late last evening around 11pm and it had been raining cats-and-dogs the whole trip. I quickly jumped into bed after a quick phone call to Patty, anticipating what Day 1 would be like! In the morning I woke up and opened the patio door . . . . . within minutes I heard this raspy crow call and instantly said “FISH CROW”!!! CHECK . . this was my first lifer of the day! I always wondered what these guys sounded like!