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“Moosing” in Algonquin Provincial Park (Ontario)

Moose (adult female)

By: Pat Coate

Found a great new place in Algonquin Park to get my annual “moose fix” – this time by canoe. My husband and I took a two-day canoe trip to Hailstorm Creek, located on the western side of the North Arm of Opeongo Lake in the park. We did the 6-7 mile paddle from access point #11 (there are shuttles to the creek’s mouth available through various outfitters) the first day, then camped at a beautiful point near the creek. The next day we got an early start and headed up the river – didn’t go far when we got our first glimpse of this beautiful moose (I don’t think that is an oxymoron, though they can be gangly looking).

Our first glimpse

My what big ears you have….

The moose was definitely aware of us and kept an eye on us. We enjoyed her from a distance. A quote about photographing moose that I keep in mind – “don’t think their nonchalance is indifference”.

A very “moosey” place, lots of food available

Our campsite, marked with orange signs and first-come, first-serve (permits required)

We really enjoyed our campsite. Most of the campsites we passed looked really nice (all primitive) and seemed spaced out nicely for privacy.

Common Loon

Common loons lived up to their name and we saw them throughout our trip and heard them throughout the evening and most of night. We also heard wolves howling in the distance during the night.

The “Shipwreck” landmark

The landmark up close

This shipwreck-looking landmark proved important for locating the bay where Hailstorm Creek was located. As we got closer, we saw that it was full of double-crested cormorants and their nests.

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4 responses

  1. kaholly

    Looks and sounds like a wonderful adventure. Whenever I see something like a moose, it’s a ‘time stands still’ moment for me. Thanks for sharing.

    8 August 2013 at 4:50 am

  2. Tom

    You’ve sure been hanging out in some beautiful places lately. Is this to make up for having grown up in New Jersey?

    9 August 2013 at 3:09 pm

  3. Amazing! I would love to get such great shots of moose.

    13 August 2013 at 12:37 pm

  4. Oh to be out in a canoe in Algonquin. You lucky lady!

    27 August 2013 at 10:11 pm

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