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Peacocks (or more properly, Peafowl)

Close-up (male)

By: Pat Coate

While visiting my daughter we, along with a zillion school children, enjoyed an afternoon at the Milwaukee Zoo. The free-ranging peafowl (males are peacocks and females peahens) were a source of beauty and amusement throughout the park.

Full Display

The peafowl at the zoo, Indian peafowl, are from South Asia and are the national bird of India. The male uses its tail feathers, or train, in a rather extravagant display, as shown above, in an attempt to attract females.

In case you ever wondered what the display looks like from the other side

Object of such attention

None of the females appeared overly impressed with the poor fellow’s efforts.

The peahen is not quite so colorful as the peacock, but that crest/crown is still pretty cool. And should it really be Mrs. Peahen, in the conservatory with a candlestick….

Peacock feather close up

The “eye spot”.

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