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Snow Buntings, Gulls and Ducks

Snow Bunting
Snow Bunting

Had a great bird day today. Where I was working, had a huge flock (~25) of Snow Buntings in the grape vines. (CHECK) They would fly in a group to another spot in the grapes and then 10 mins later do it all over again.

Common Goldeneye
Common Goldenye

Then on the way home we had to stop and check something on the vehicle . . . I happen to stop at the harbor where I added 10 more species to my year list . . . .

ruddy duck
Ruddy Duck

. . . Scaup, Buffleheads, Common Goldeneyes, Hooded Mergansers, Red-breasted Mergansers, Double-crested Cormorants, Ring-billed Gulls, Herring Gulls, Greater Black-back Gulls, and a huge raft of Ruddy Ducks. (CHECK) Then while driving away we had a Great Blue Heron struggling to fly with the high winds coming off the lake. (CHECK)

Greater Blackbacked Gull
Greater Blackbacked Gull

Currently at 36 species for the year so far.

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