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Emyrtle 2012 030
The Gang (minus one): Vicki, Tina, me, Chris, Jo, Brenda

By: Pat Coate

Great girls’ get-away in Myrtle Beach. Trip co-ordinator Brenda got us great deals at terrific and challenging courses (Founders, World Tour, Prestwick) and most of us did manage a birdie somewhere along the way. I don’t think it ever rains there as we had gorgeous weather every day – though Hurricane Sandy may soon change that.

Birds seen along the courses included great egret, great blue heron, pileated and red-bellied woodpeckers, Carolina chickadees, fish crows, mallards, mute swan, yellow-rumped warblers, boat-tailed grackles, double-crested cormorant, blue jay, cardinal, turkey vulture, mourning dove, gulls, hawks, eastern phoebe, and mockingbird.

Emyrtle 2012 050
Pre-sunrise crabbing; Gulls and sanderlings

Emyrtle 2012 084

Emyrtle 2012 096
Great Blue Heron

Emyrtle 2012 036
Female boat-tailed grackles (looks like a mirror image)

Emyrtle 2012 039
Dolphin feeding off the beach

Emyrtle 2012 006
Tammy, our ringer whose pointers helped all our scores

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One response

  1. Oh, Pat, what fun!! I especially like the photo of the heron framed in the bridge!! Glad you had such a good time. I’m quite envious!

    26 October 2012 at 6:32 am

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