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Finally some cross-country skiing

Cross-country ski trail in Allegany State Park

By: Pat Coate

Got out for my first and probably only cross-country skiing jaunt for the winter this past weekend at Allegany State Park. It has truly been the most mild winter (by far) that I can remember since we have lived in this area. It was a beautiful, sunny 20+ degree day. We had gotten 3-4 inches of snow the evening before but, with no base and the Sunday forecast in the 50s, the trails were not groomed. It was a peaceful, relaxing trip with an extended stop to enjoy the overlook along the Christian Hollow Trail.

Christian Hollow Overlook

The snow had melted away over by Red House Lake in the park. There were several small herds of deer grazing in the area. Red House Lake had a couple areas that were ice free on which there were 20 or so Canada geese, some Mallards, and a group of Hooded Mergansers. On the way out I was surprised to see a bird perched in the Osprey nest. When I pulled over to investigate, it turned out to be a Red-tailed Hawk just keeping an eye on things until the ospreys return.

Deer near Red House Lake

Canada Geese with Hooded Mergansers

Red-tailed Hawk leaving Osprey Nest

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