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House Finch Fledglings

e20110626 006
House Finch (male) with fledgling

By: Pat Coate

Like the crows, the neighborhood house finches successfully raised two babies. Over the past couple of weeks they have been regulars at our backyard feeder. The parents will come to the sunflower seed tube feeder, load up and fly up to the eager young ones waiting in the maple tree branches above. Their arrival sets off an enthusiastic begging and ‘me first’ frenzy as the young ones jostle for position and first dibs.

e20110626 027
Baby 1 with mom and dad

e20110626 014
Female House Finch with fledglings

Both youngsters had the streaking and coloring of the female. If male, the fledglings will acquire their red coloring in the fall.

e220110626 025Babies on the left (can see remnants of down feathers), with tired looking mom

Both parents actively fed the youngsters and I have to say, a bit of anthropomorphism perhaps, the mother bird sure seemed to look tired.

e20110626 023
Not the best picture but gives you an idea of the competition for dad’s attention

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2 responses

  1. What a great series of shots!! When I was in TX for the winter, house finches were everywhere it seemed. We don’t get them here in Cape Breton, but have lots of nesting Purple Finches on the property! They are so much fun to watch, and I just love it when they sing!! ~karen

    7 July 2011 at 6:46 am

  2. that is a very intent looking baby!

    8 July 2011 at 8:27 pm

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