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Ruffed Grouse

e20110320 350
Ruffed Grouse feeding on tree buds

By: Pat Coate

A friend from the bird club and I spent a Saturday morning birding at Allegany State Park where we came across a pair of ruffed grouse feeding on the buds of this tree. I had never seen a ruffed grouse in a tree before and I must say it was a much more pleasant way to see them than the usual encounters with these birds. The normal encounter, of course, occurs while hiking when your peaceful bliss is briefly but emphatically interrupted by a sudden burst of feathers and squawking that for sure reduces your life expectancy by a few weeks.

e20110320 343
Ruffed Grouse

e220110320 352
Ruffed Grouse

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3 responses

  1. Andy

    Nice photos! In the first photo the bird appears poised to take what looks like a male flower bud of this aspen tree. Notice how some of the buds are larger — those are the flower buds. The smaller ones are leaf buds. Aspens are either male or female unlike some other species that have both flowers on the same tree. The male flower buds are more nutritious and are a favored food of ruffed grouse. Nice post!
    – Andy

    1 April 2011 at 10:51 am

  2. So thrilled to be learning new things not just from the blogs I read but from replies to the posts.

    I love wandering in the woods but know little of what I’m seeing. Thanks to folk like you and Andy, that is changing.

    Eastern Passage, Nova Scotia

    4 April 2011 at 8:46 am

  3. Wow- so glad I’ve found your blog. I’ll be adding it to right away.

    Having hiked the NCT, of course I know the Allegany SP area! I feel as if I know you already.

    4 April 2011 at 10:14 pm

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