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Early Morning Display

Was one of those mornings . . . I was tired, it was raining and heard more sad news on Japan. I guess the greatest things happen when you least expect them. I walked out of the house and had 4 different American Woodcocks (CHECK) displaying in the yard (at the new house)!! OMG . . . . one took flight and I watch circle above my head up into the rainy sky until I couldn’t see it anymore! It landed where the dog poops and started going “Peent . . . . Peent . . . . Pent”!! If you want to see a video I did on the American Woodcock display, go to my Timberdoodle post back in 2008.

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One response

  1. Congrats.. it does seem that nature can perk us up when we are down in the dumps! My recent post on a Cooper’s Hawk visit happened when I was suffering from H1N1 last year …Go figure!

    Nice work! I’ve added you to my blog list…

    16 March 2011 at 5:10 pm

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