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Lunch Time

e20100827 109
Red-tailed Hawk with prey

By: Pat Coate

I’ve been having fun going through files of pictures I took over the summer and fall that I hadn’t had time to do much with yet. The end of August I went to the ‘Photographer’s Dream Day” at Letchworth State Park (actually the dam site). On my way home I came across this hawk while exploring some of the back roads.

He was chowing down on what appeared to be a mouse or mole, of which he made short work, and allowed me to snap off a few pictures. I believe it is a red-tailed hawk.

e20100827 108
Red-tailed Hawk with prey

e220100827 112
Red-tailed Hawk with prey

e20100827 116
Red-tailed Hawk

e220100827 122
Red-tailed Hawk

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One response

  1. Lynda Allen

    Gorgeous!! What a nice variety of shots and how nice of him/her to pose for you!

    20 January 2011 at 7:52 am

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