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Turkey Bowl and a few Virginia Pix

ec20101202 010
The Turkey Bowl Crew
(minus Emily and my favorite brother named Tom)

ec20101202 007
The Turkey Bowl Crew
(with Emily and my favorite brother named Tom)

By: Pat Coate

Headed down to Northern Virginia and Richmond to spend the Thanksgiving break with parents, siblings, various in-laws, and nieces and nephews galore. We had a great day and turnout for the Turkey Bowl classic – a hard fought touch football game with a few classic plays and, most importantly, no injuries.

In between great eating, spirited rounds of Game of Things, watching football, shopping and debating definitions of walking versus hiking, I snuck in a couple pictures of birds and the resident white squirrels.

e20101202 014
Richmond White Squirrels

These are fun to see. Not albinos but the white version of the grey squirrel. They’ve been around my brother’s neighborhood for years now. I’m not sure why they have white squirrels in VA and we have black squirrels in WNY.

e20101202 004
White-throated Sparrow

e20101202 016
American Robin eating holly berries

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