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Belted Kingfisher

This was another strange Western New York weather that we had this morning. Sunny at the new house but the temperatures were a fridge 2°F. I drove for almost 15 minutes until I reached the Randolph, NY area. Temperatures quickly jumped up to 11°F and this was the start of the lake effect snow dropping!! Snow was falling harder in Allegany State Park and the temperatures were around 17°F!! I spent my drive mostly thinking about the many birds I saw yesterday . . . . .

Great Blue Heron

Most unexpected was the find of a Belted Kingfisher hanging around one of the streams yesterday near the house. Then we spent some time trying to identify a large bird that was hanging around Red House Lake. At first thought we had a Bald Eagle but turned out becoming a Great Blue Heron. We did locate three sub-adult Bald Eagles over at Quaker Lake. Now thinking about all these water based birds spending time with temperatures in the single digits . . . . . I think them and myself should really consider a vacation somewhere warmer.

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  1. Is is a little late for kingfishers in your area? She’s a real beauty! And herons, too? Is W.N.Y. far enough south to sustain them for the winter? Imagine that.

    9 December 2010 at 4:52 pm

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