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More from Myrtle Beach

Ee20101114 176
Willet at sunset

By: Pat Coate

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Here’s a few more photos taken during sisters getaway at Myrtle Beach.

E20101114 083
Willet (my first)

A new bird for me, the willet was there throughout the week and I enjoyed watching it. I actually saw two briefly, but they seemed a bit territorial and one appeared to chase the other away.

E20101114 237
In sync – Double-Crested Cormorants

Came across the cormorants in several places. Though not seen in this photo, they have impressive green eyes.

E20101114 249
Female Great-tailed Grackle

These birds were all over the boardwalk at Murrells Inlet, enjoying the outdoor eateries. They very aggressively moved in as soon as patrons left a table, often perching on the umbrellas or in nearby trees. Hush puppies were their favorite at the Dead Dog Saloon.

E20101114 021
White Ibis (immature)

E20101114 339
Bald Eagle with prey

I was trying to get a picture of a great egret when I saw this adult bald eagle swoop down and pick off one of the smaller ducks along the causeway at Huntington State Park. It did not seem like a very fair fight.

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