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Trip to Milwaukee

E20100827 048
Marquette Golden Eagles

By: Pat Coate

We recently trekked out to Milwaukee to drop our daughter off at Marquette University. Situated on Lake Michigan, Milwaukee seems to be a vibrant city with an appealing waterfront offering biking/walking/jogging trails, parks, an art museum, Discovery World, ethnic and music festival sites. Milwaukee also offers a great variety of ethnic food and we enjoyed a Mexican restaurant, La Fuente, for dinner in the 9th (?) Ward.

The Marquette Golden Eagle was the most unique bird we saw. During our limited time along the waterfront, we only saw fairly common birds such as Canada geese, mallards, mixed flocks of swallows, ring-billed gulls, and pigeons. During our drive (near Crystal Lake, Illinois) we passed two groups of Sandhill cranes in the fields but not conveniently located for photo ops.

E20100827 100
Ring-billed Gull

This gull was fun to watch. First it fended off the other gulls very successfully. Then is would pierce the fruit with its bill and have to swing its head around to dislodge it.

E20100827 074
Barn Swallows preening in the morning sun

E20100827 079
Barn Swallow

E20100827 053
View from Marquette

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One response

  1. What a wonderful trip. I haven’t stopped by for awhile. I like the new look to your blog! Well done. Enjoy the remainder of your summer. ~karen

    28 August 2010 at 7:41 am

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