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Fun in Bermuda

En07232010 211
Great Kiskadee

By: Pat Coate

A couple weeks back, I had the good fortune to get together with my roommate and five other friends from college, whom I hadn’t seen in many years. We had a grand time cruising from Baltimore to Bermuda. While in Bermuda I spent a morning birding and biking. I had read that Bermuda had many of the same birds that we have in WNY and it was very true, but I did manage a couple exceptions.

En07232010 212
Great Kiskadee

The Great Kiskadees were very vocal and could be found all over the island. The photos shown here were taken at Somerset Long Bay Preserve.

En07232010 262
White-tailed Tropicbird

The White-tailed Tropicbird was seen at several of the beach areas and in the dockyard where this picture was taken. These birds were usually flying fast and high, making them a bit of a challenge to photograph.

En07232010 298
Sunset viewed from the ship

En07232010 240
Typical view from shoreline in Bermuda

En07232010 178
Jellyfish and friends

This was taken from the world’s smallest drawbridge. The drawbridge, which accommodates sailboat masts, is only 18 inches wide.

And a couple non-nature pix for fun:

En07232010 081
The Loyola Gang

En07232010 250
Haven’t seen one of these before!

I didn’t see any “Slow Down for Children” signs – strong AARP lobby in Bermuda?

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2 responses

  1. So many flycatchers in the tropics! Kiskadees, Tody, Striped, Dusky, and Social Flycatchers, Tropical Kingbirds. They were so difficult to keep track of!

    14 August 2010 at 3:26 pm

  2. “Great” Kiskadee photos! They’re a handsome bird.

    16 August 2010 at 5:52 pm

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