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Budding Birders Meet Tom

En07132010 069

Logan, Maddie and Lilly with Tom (check out the Mon@rch tattoos)

By: Pat Coate

My sister and her young family recently visited and we had a wonderful morning learning more about birds and getting to see them up close at Tom’s banding site in Napoli.  Tom is very knowledgeable, gracious, and a born educator.

What fun we all had – as expressed so well by Maddie:  “Bird banding was awesome!  You should have seen the birds that were there!”  Here are some pictures from our birding experience.

En07132010 043 

Off to check the nets

En07132010 060

Processing Station: Species, Banding, Weight, Wing Length, Gender, Age

En07132010 064

Wood Thrush

En07132010 019 

Baltimore Oriole (female)

En07132010 054 

Ruby-throated Hummingbird (female)

En07132010 034 

Logan and his favorite part – letting the birds go

En07132010 004 

Maddie releasing Common Yellowthroat

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3 responses

  1. FRANK

    Bird banding is a great experience, especially for young folk. It’s a wonderful outreach to them.
    Kudos to Tom and thanks for the post!

    3 August 2010 at 5:34 pm

  2. So sorry that I wasn’t able to make it for MAPs any time this summer, but I just returned from Costa Rica doing field work. I will definitely try to get down there to do some birding before the summer ends.

    3 August 2010 at 9:47 pm

  3. Marg

    Man I’m sorry I missed it this year too-great posting!

    10 August 2010 at 12:07 pm

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