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Southern Outdoor Experience

Patty Blind-00042
Patty Self Portrait in the Blind

Our Texas trip originated after Patty won a hunting trip for two at the 2009 Deerassic Classics Outdoor Expos last summer. I remember walking by the booth and seeing the Southern Outdoor Experience logo saying “Out of all the hunting shows on TV, this is the one show that I actually remembered watching ”!! We decided to stop at the booth to chat with the producers and I decided to purchased one of their hats. Southern Outdoor Experience had an amazing raffle for a 3 days trophy hunt for two in Texas, to get completely outfitted (clothing), a new riffle and scope. I noticed Patty and her mother were quickly filling their names on a few raffle tickets.

Patty SOE
Patty at the SOE booth!

The time came when the Southern Outdoor Experience announced the winner on stage . . . . However we were all wondering around doing a quick potty break, getting some food and looking at other vendor booths. Patty’s father heard her name announced and said “Patty won”!! No one believed him but her brother decided to return to the Southern Outdoor Experience booth and saw her name was listed as the winner!! Everyone was excited and Patty seemed to disappear for about 1 ½ hours while working out the details of the trip!! Our next steps were to start planning our trip to Texas.

Patty sighting her scope!

The prize gave Patty a hunt for two where she made the decision to take her brother as the second hunter. I joined along as a non hunter (aka the birdwatcher) and her parents joined the trip with 2 paid guides. We arrived at the Canyon Ranch in Sonora Texas and had the most outstanding time there.

Patty and buck-1
Patty and her buck!

Patty’s guide was Michael Stroff III who is the father of Michael Stroff IV the producer of the Southern Outdoor Experience. They video taped her for one TV episode promoting the contest she had just won and also promoting the Deerassic Classic. We have not heard when they plan to air her episode but I will be sure to tell everyone to watch when the episode finally airs on TV.

Harry at the blind

I love Patty soo much; she was keeping a checklist of all the deer she was seeing along with her birds (16 Lifers). Just on the evening of the first day while sitting in the blind she observed (2) 4-points, (1) 6-point, (22) 8-points, (3) 9-points, (5) 10-points, and (2) does but as you can tell it wasn’t a matter of finding a deer . . . . it was more about getting the perfect deer.

Harry and his buck

At the end of the second day Mike told Patty “There’s your deer”! It was hard to see because of the fog but Patty was ready to take her shot . . . the guide made her wait till the deer was in position and then “POW”!! The buck didn’t even take a step and just dropped in his tracks. The buck wasn’t “the buck” that they had been waiting for but she was still extremely happy with this great deer. The last day was more relaxing with her father and me tagging along for the hunt. She dropped 2 does in the morning and then shot at a hog later in the evening.

Marge and her Buck

Patty is very excited about receiving her Savage Riffle with the Nikon “Monarch” Scope  (don’t you love the name) and her hunting clothing that she won from the contest. The family did come home with 7 deer and two hogs to fill all of our freezers with butterfly steaks, roast, pork, burger meat, and Italian sausage. On this hunt Patty was able to shoot one trophy White-tailed Deer buck and two White-tailed Deer does. Harry shot one management White-tailed Deer buck, an Axis Deer and a hog. Her Parents both shot a trophy White-tailed Deer bucks and everyone decided to have their bucks mounted in the “European Mount” style!

Scott and his Buck

Thanks to everyone from the Southern Outdoor Experience and the additional guides they hired from SOEhunts to help with this great hunting trip. Heck, I made out with lots of meat and many amazing Texas birds added to my Life List!!

One of the Blinds at the Ranch

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6 responses

  1. Casey O'Brien

    Very cool, Nice to see my friends get some meat.

    13 February 2010 at 7:36 am

  2. Oh, Patty. You are my hero. (And I want your “Life is Good” teeshirt.)

    13 February 2010 at 8:20 am

  3. Michael Head

    A once in a life time trip. What a great experience. Congratulations to all the hunters. You mention a “management” buck in your write-up. What does that mean.



    13 February 2010 at 11:59 am

    • A Management Buck is a buck who is an older deer but will not reach the trophy status. Those are the deer they want out of the gene pool!

      15 February 2010 at 12:24 am

  4. What a great experience you all had!

    13 February 2010 at 1:41 pm

  5. Jamie Franks

    I am glad u guys enjoyed hunting with this group. I was very disappointed with my gangs trip to hunt with them. They sold the hunt as one thing and then when we got there the rules changed. You better have all dealings with them in writing before you go.

    28 February 2010 at 10:50 pm

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