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BIRDS – My 2006 Nature Checklist

Office VisitorI decided to split up my 2006 Nature Checklist into 5 different categories; Butterflies & Skippers, Amphibians, Reptiles, Mammals and Birds! The birds are the next family of critters which I will be reporting on my findings here in 2006 in Western New York State. Since the list has 159 birds listed and so large, I decided to break it down to the 69 non-passerines and 90 passerines.

Yellow Bellied Sapsucker Ruffed Grouse

This has been such a fun year with the birds, I have NO idea where start and decided to leave everything up to the numerous pictures that I have taken! But, I would like to thank all of my volunteers and banding assistants who helped make this another successful year at the banding station.

Common Merganser black billed cuckoo

Here is my list of non-passerines which I have listed in taxonomic order by common name (I would be happy to send you their Latin name for any species in question):

1. Canada Goose 36. Red-shouldered Hawk
2. Tundra Swan 37. Broad-winged Hawk
3. Woodduck 38. Red-tailed Hawk
4. Gadwall 39. Rough-legged Hawk
5. American Wigeon 40. American Kestrel
6. American Black Duck 41. Merlin
7. Mallard 42. Peregrine Falcon
8. Blue-winged Teal 43. American Coot
9. Northern Shoveler 44. Killdeer
10. Northern Pintail 45. Greater Yellowlegs
11. Green-winged Teal 46. Spotted Sandpiper
12. Ring-necked Duck 47. Wilson’s Snipe
13. Lesser Scaup 48. American Woodcock
14. Long-tailed Duck 49. Bonaparte’s Gull
15. Bufflehead 50. Ring-billed Gull
16. Common Goldeneye 51. Herring Gull
17. Hooded Merganser 52. Great Black-backed Gull
18. Common Merganser 53. Rock Pigeon
19. Red-breasted Merganser 54. Mourning Dove
20. Ring-necked Pheasant 55. Black-billed Cuckoo
21. Ruffed Grouse 56. Yellow-billed Cuckoo
22. Wild Turkey 57. Eastern Screech Owl
23. Common Loon 58. Great Horned Owl
24. Pied-billed Grebe 59. Barred Owl
25. Horned Grebe 60. Northern Saw-whet Owl
26. Red-necked Grebe 61. Chimney Swift
27. Double-creasted Cormorant 62. Ruby-throated Hummingbird
28. Great Blue Heron 63. Belted Kingfisher
29. Green Heron 64. Red-bellied Woodpecker
30. Turkey Vulture 65. Yellow-bellied Sapsucker
31. Osprey 66. Downy Woodpecker
32. Bald Eagle 67. Hairy Woodpecker
33. Sharp-shinned Hawk 68. Northern Flicker
34. Cooper’s Hawk 69. Pileated Woodpecker
35. Northern Goshawk

Gray Catbird

C. Waxwing Nashville Warbler

Here is my list of passerines which I have listed in taxonomic order by common name (I would be happy to send you their Latin name for any species in question):

70. Eastern Wood-pewee 115. Magnolia Warbler
71. Acadian Flycatcher 116. Black-throated Blue Warbler
72. Alder Flycatcher 117. Yellow-rumped Warbler
73. Willow Flycatcher 118. Blackthroated Green Warbler
74. Least Flycatcher 119. Blackburnian Warbler
75. Eastern Phoebe 120. Yellow-throated Warbler
76. Great Crested Flycatcher 121. Pine Warbler
77. Eastern Kingbird 122. Prairie Warbler
78. Northern Shrike 123. Palm Warbler
79. Blue-headed Vireo 124. Blackpoll Warbler
80. Red-eyed Vireo 125. Cerulean Warbler
81. Blue Jay 126. Black-and-white Warbler
82. American Crow 127. American Redstart
83. Common Raven 128. Ovenbird
84. Horned Lark 129. Northern Waterthrush
85. Tree Swallow 130. Mourning Warbler
86. Northern Rough-winged Swallow 131. Common Yellowthroat
87. Cliff Swallow 132. Hooded Warbler
88. Barn Swallow 133. Canada Warbler
89. Black-capped Chickadee 134. Scarlet Tanager
90. Tufted Titmouse 135. Eastern Towhee
91. Red-breasted Nuthatch 136. American Tree Sparrow
92. White-breasted Nuthatch 137. Chipping Sparrow
93. Brown Creeper 138. Field Sparrow
94. Carolina Wren 139. Fox Sparrow
95. House Wren 140. Song Sparrow
96. Winter Wren 141. Swamp Sparrow
97. Golden-crowned Kinglet 142. White-throated Sparrow
98. Ruby-crowned Kinglet 143. White-crowned Sparrow
99. Blue-gray Gnatcatcher 144. Dark-eyed Junco
100. Eastern Bluebird 145. Northern Cardianl
101. Veery 146. Rose-breasted Grosbeak
102. Gray-cheeked Thrush 147. Indigo Bunting
103. Swainson’s Thrush 148. Bobolink
104. Hermit Thrush 149. Red-winged Blackbird
105. Wood Thrush 150. Eastern Meadowlark
106. American Robin 151. Common Grackle
107. Gray Catbird 152. Brown-headed Cowbird
108. European Starling 153. Baltimore Oriole
109. Cedar Waxwing 154. Purple Finch
110. Blue-winged Warbler 155. House Finch
111. Nashville Warbler 156. Pine Siskin
112. Northern Parula 157. American Goldfinch
113. Yellow Warbler 158. Evening Grosbeak
114. Chestnut-sided Warbler 159. House Sparrow

cliff swallow nestling Common Yellowthroat

I can’t wait to see what birds in 2007 will bring me.

8 responses

  1. Oh my! Where do I start? This is a beautiful post starting with the beautiful hummingbird and the common merganser babies – sooooo cute – you take such wonderful photos (are you sick of hearing that from me yet)? Do you still get excited when you see birds year after year? It must be like seeing an old friend again! Thanks for sharing your beauty!

    7 January 2007 at 9:03 pm

  2. Nice list! I’ve decided I should actually keep track of the birds I see this year (I sort of did in 2006). I use to record my birds.

    The shot of the hummingbird is fantastic. I bet the person holding it had to be extra careful!

    7 January 2007 at 9:37 pm

  3. That cuckoo shot is something – for the many I’ve seen, I’ve never had such a nice look. The red around the eye is quite a surprise!

    7 January 2007 at 10:37 pm

  4. @ Pam – I never get sick of hearing from you or anyone else! Yes, I got very excited over seeing American Robins today! Thanks for such kind words on my pictures, they were some of my better ones this year! You probably see 4 pictures out of 100 that I take!
    @ Matt – I use e-bird also but don’t post ever bird I see on there! I do have a checklist that I made which is where I keep track of my first of the year for each species. hmm, that reminds me, I have not updated e-bird with my notebook birds since November!!
    @ Laura – that was one of the Cuckoo’s that I banded last year! I still kick myself for not photographing the Yellow-billed Cuckoo that I banded in 2005 (was so excited, didn’t even think about taking its picture)!
    Thanks everyone

    7 January 2007 at 11:06 pm

  5. What a great year list, and lovely photos as well! Here’s to a bird’y 2007 🙂

    8 January 2007 at 11:03 am

  6. Thanks so very much Adam! Right back at you, good luck with 2007!

    8 January 2007 at 7:30 pm

  7. Marg

    Wow Tom-that hummer is amazing a fabulous photo I ADORE it!
    What a great list hmmmmmmm ebirds eh? I’ll have to check that out since I’m going to be starting a list….I am…..really!

    9 January 2007 at 8:33 am

  8. Thanks Marg, I have many others in my photostream! Enjoy keeping your year list!

    9 January 2007 at 9:34 pm

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