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Is that a….. your kidding me…..

I can now say to expect the unexpected here in Allegany State Park. Today we had an unexpected visitor here at the Administration Building which got trapped in one of our window wells (probably at night sometime). Don’t ask how a mammal that lives in the water ends up in a location like this (up a hill, behind a building and quite a distance from water) but this is proof that it can happen. Typically we get a toad (wait, there already is a toad in there), salamanders or even a snake stuck in these wells. Mammals typically are able to climb out or they might decide to climb in and eat these other critters. This window well was just a little too tall for this beaver to climb out. Luckly P.G. happened to be out for a cigarette break and heard a noise!


Is that a

Trapping wasn’t easy be we were able to get this beaver into the trash can. The officer that assisted ended up with some beaver scat on his leg (whoops). We were quickly off to the lake to be released. Of course, it didn’t take long for a crowd to show up excited to see the release. Once we opened the can the beaver slowly walked out and headed right to the creek which empties into Red House Lake this location.


The Release


Once in the water the beaver got very low and tried getting as much of its fur wet as possible (creek water was shallow). It then headed down the stream dtowards the lake (moved must slower than I had expected).


free at last


When the beaver made it over to deeper water – it took a small dive and then ended up in the middle of the lake in about 10 seconds! I would like to wish our beaver friend good luck and a fun adventure very away from buildings!

2 responses

  1. Cool rescue! I am presently reading a book called “Lily Pond” by Hope Ryden about 4 years with a family of beavers, learning some interesting facts.

    5 December 2006 at 9:41 pm

  2. Probably my first and only time that I will be doing a rescue like this again! Something off the wall which I would never expect to happen again! Beavers are so interesting! Was out checking the dams last weekend!

    6 December 2006 at 8:51 am

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