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Ridge Run Vista A perfect fall day. Oct. 4, 2008

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A Cure for Cabin Fever!

Feet Can Go There
Feet can go there!

A visit to a favorite spot in Allegany State Park gave me a break from office work and an opportunity to do a guest post for my friend and co-worker Mon@arch. The office project has been interesting, but when I took a break for lunch, and felt the warm sun, cabin fever struck.

I headed for France Brook Road to a spot our “original” naturalists called “El Creepo.” The Road Closed sign reminded me of old times when a big gravel pile made this a dead end. Once or twice each summer the naturalists would get together in the evening to walk up the hill to route one. Some of the cool critters along the way included Porcupines, a Veery family, and deer, of course.

The big favorite, and the reason we came here, were the Barred Owls; we always tried to call an owl. One of the guys once attached a little auxiliary speaker to a tape player set on the roof of his car. We used the recording to call the owl, and had one dive at the speaker–about two feet above our heads!!!