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Wordless Wednesday Part II

This is the story of my life (times 2 cats)!!

Not any of my work and spam that my mother sent me via email! For sure it is way out of my blog’s mission but way too cute not to post!!

Happy Halloween Everyone!

Pine Warbler Visit

While working on my laptop this morning . . . . I had phoebe (my cat) sitting next to me purring! She learned that if I ignore her long enough that by tapping my shoulder is enough of a reminder for me to continue petting her again (normally it works). Although our pet/owner bondage was disrupted when I had been a little too focused with the computer. As always phoebe would tap my shoulder . . . . I would ignore her and she would tap again. I said “Ok phoeobe” and as I turned around . . . . I saw this adult male Pine Warbler looking right into my window!!

Pine Warbler
Pine Warbler photo from September 2006.


Turning 10 isn’t easy for a cat!

Phoebe ignoring me

I can remember the day at the SPCA when we found Phoebe sitting alone in a cage! She was the size of my palm of my hand and such a loveable little kitten! I mostly remember her large eyes and very fluffy hair. Of course, coming from the SPCA she had the repertory pneumonia and very sick. The Vets said that if she had been brought to the veterinary clinic a day or two later that she probably would not have survived (she was that sick). I remember sitting in her “sick cat room” and watching the first reports about Princess Dianna crashing in the tunnel. From that point we have always consider Phoebe as a princess in the honor of Princess Dianna!! (more…)

The Adventure to Ripley

Turkey Vulture

We had a wonder time heading out to the Ripley Hawk Watch. In my previous post I talked about the many hawks we observed while on this trip. Overall we had 46ish species of birds, 5 first for 2007’s and one lifer on this trip! We started off this trip with some Barn Swallows under the highway bridge (CHECK, first for 2007). In this one town heading out to Ripley, the leader (who was in the car ahead of ours) had turned his vehicle around and started heading back the direction we were coming from. Then he pulled right up to someone’s house (it was trash day) and we thought he was interested in a TV that was out in the front lawn!! He was interested in their TV’s but the big feathery kind. He had observed a whole group of Turkey Vultures on top of someone’s house. The people at the Hawk Watch stated that the individual who owns the house is unable to sell it because the vultures are scaring off all potential buyers! I wonder what is so interesting with this one house that the Turkey Vultures?? (more…)

Happy Furry/Feathery Friday

I ended up finding the birds very active around my window feeder today and it was probably due to the St. Patrick’s snow storm hitting us. So, I decided to capture some wonderful up close videos of the birds interacting together. I am very excited to add these to the blog but I first want to figure out how to make them educational (so they should be posted soon)!! I began to review them on the computer and something wonderful happened (and I quickly grab my camera)!

Although this was a test with my cats self control; the real birds outside quickly refocused their attention elsewhere. Do note that I edited out the 5 minutes of Phoebe studying the screen and showed you the two cat’s breaking points. It was very cute to watch.

Happy Furry and Feathery Friday everyone.