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Presque Isle State Park Fieldtrip

Cattaraugus County Bird Club

Last Saturday (12 May 2007) on International Migratory Bird Day the Cattaraugus County Bird Club attended our annual trip to Presque Isle State Park in Erie Pennsylvania. Although the temperatures were very chilly, we had a wonderful day with 72 species of birds!! We found 13 species of warblers and I was able to add 11 species as first for 2007’s!! (more…)

Orioles and Ice-cream in that order!

This weekend Young Naturalist J and myself had a spontaneous trip to Braddock Bay Bird Observatory to practice taking birds out of mist-nets. It is always great way to see how other bird-banders run their banding station and to make some new contacts. Sunday evening I headed over to their house to get ready for our adventure and within a very short period of time (in their bird feeders) we located three first for 2007’s for me. The first was a Ruby-throated Hummingbird (CHECK) at their hummingbird feeder, then the Orchard Oriole (CHECK) showed up at the grape jelly (I was very excited with this bird) and then just before dusk we had an Indigo Bunting (CHECK) show up at the platform feeder! It was so much fun watching these amazing little birds and all while eating ice-cream at their kitchen table. Monday, I tried getting a video of the Orchard Oriole but was only able capture this clip of the Baltimore Oriole feeding on some Grape Jelly.  Isn’t it nice to have these great birds around again?? (more…)

Allenburg Bog

Allenburg Bog

Dragonfly Eye gave me a call yesterday and asked if I wanted to join him in search of the Boghaunter. If you are not familiar of the Boghaunter (I wasn’t), it is a rare Dragonfly that is frequently found in areas associated with bogs. Jeremy informed me that none of the Boghaunter species have ever been found at Allenburg Bog (Cattaraugus County, NY) area. He wanted to visit the bog to see if we could find any of them flying yet. Of course I am always up for an adventure and couldn’t resist in also taking the time to look for newly arrived warblers! (more…)

Sometimes you are better off birding at home

As anticipated, today was a wonderful “new” species day with 5 first for 2007s and a Cabbage White (CHECK) butterfly. The second that I walked outside (to head to work) I heard two Red-eyed Vireos signing (CHECK) in the trees across the street. I didn’t want to go to work but knew in 8 more hours that I would be enjoying the birdies again.

Northern Parula

Northern Parula way up in the pines. (more…)

migrants starting to move!


It is great finding Trilliums again!

Migrants are starting to move through the area! Yesterday evening I heard and saw my first Yellow-rumped Warbler (CHECK) for 2007. When I had first heard the butter butt, I had thought it could have been a Yellow-throated Warbler since they do have a some what similar song!! It appears the YTWA’s have not made it back yet and will be my next quest in locating!! I was happy to have followed many Pine Warblers around yesterday (although they wouldn’t let me photograph them so high up along the tree tops). So many places to go, so many bird sounds around me and yesterday I found myself taking my truck to the shop for some work! Uggg! (more…)

BOS Count

Horned Grebe

Today I participated in the Buffalo Ornithological Society (BOS) Count were I cover the lower half of section 24 (Allegany State Park – go figure). The BOS conducts three annual bird counts during the months of April, May, and October. The count dates are targeted to periods of significant bird migration and have been ongoing since 1935. Normally I locate around 50 species during the April count but rarely have to deal with a nor easter storm that just arrived. We woke up to snow on the ground and quickly the weather turned into mixed rain/snow. By noon it was entirely rain coming down and it wasn’t an easy day to be out birding. I worked hard and only able to come up with 40 species (see list below). Adding birds that I did see yesterday (and not today) I could have easily been over 50 but blame the low numbers due to this storm. Typically the April BOS count gives me an opportunity to locate Blue-headed Vireo, Barn Swallow, Louisiana Waterthrush, Broadwing Hawk, and 3-4 species of Butterflies (not this year). I did have some species of waterfowl that normally have moved through the area already. (more…)

Day Before the Storm (part 2)

Wild Turkey

Wild Turkey wondering through the snow!

Today was a wonderful day with 43 species and a ton of photos. I decided to spit the post up between waterfowl (part 1) and non waterfowl (part 2). I started my day over at Red House Lake and one of the first birds I saw were 2 Eastern Meadowlarks (CHECK, first for 2007)!! I jumped out of my truck and took a long series of photos of these two first of the year birds (for the blog). Then I got a little too close and they flew away!! Going to review my pictures, I realized that I didn’t have a memory card in my camera!! Ugg – no pictures of Meadowlarks today!! I then headed to the woods in search of a Goshawk territory that I know about. Didn’t get dive bombed but did quickly observe the Goshawk passing overhead (CHECK, first for 2007)!! While searching for the Goshawk, I also come across an American Woodcock, Turkey Vulture and a Common Raven. This Wild Turkey (in picture above) greeted me once I returned back to my truck! (more…)