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Budding Birders – Florida Part 1

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Sandhill Crane (2009)

By: Pat Coate

My sister, her husband and their young children recently spent Easter visiting my parents in Florida. When I called on Easter, my niece, Maddie, was very excited to share a sighting of a Sandhill Crane. And, Maddie, I was very excited that you were excited! I hear she has her own bird book now. Below are some of the birds the kids saw at Mom-Mom and Pop-Pop’s, and in next week’s post I hope to share their favorite animals from the trip – ospreys and alligators.


Sandhill Cranes (2009)

In her book, Photographing Nature (1988), Pat Caulfield tells a story about how difficult is was for her to get photos of Sandhill Cranes. How times have changed – these sandhill cranes were the first birds seen upon arrival, right along the highway leaving the Orlando airport. What a welcome to Florida!


Wood Stork (2009)

This wood stork was quite comfortable with people too. My father and I were taking pictures in an empty lot that happened to be next to a fish market. This bird flew right up to us looking for a handout. Quite a large and unusual bird – beautiful, I guess, in its own way.


White Ibis (2009)

So how does it get food up that long, curved beak? Must have a long tongue?

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2 responses

  1. Beautiful birds there. Birds are next to God, it seems. Thanks.

    29 April 2010 at 11:19 am

  2. Maddie

    Love it! Hope we have more facts about this fabulous story from our trip to Florida!

    1 May 2010 at 9:04 am

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